Benefits of Work Experience

Every year numerous students graduate in their respective field of study and we have handful of graduates in similar field with similar qualifications. It is very tough to prove yourself amongst the potential crowd. The one thing that helps you stand out and help you be noticed will be your work experience.  Work experience is an important part of becoming “work-ready” i.e. you have employment skills asked by the recruiter in addition to your educational qualifications.

Graduates are more likely to be successful in their job hunt if they have some prior work experience. Work experience will put you at an advantage as employers tend to hire employees with experience. Some advantages of having a work experience are:

  • Work experience endows you with the skills like communication, team work, problem solving, learning and initiative.
  • Work experience helps to grow your network of professional contacts.
  • It puts weight to your resume and increases the chances of selection.
  • It adds employability skills and confidence in you.
  • The employability skills and soft skills will groom you better and help for personal and professional development.

With all these benefits of work experience, some question pops into our mind: What if we have no job experience right after graduation and how can we have work experience without getting a job? Well, in that case of not having any experience to grab employer’s attention, you can convert your academic qualifications like that of experiences. Show your key skills, academic achievements, college projects, volunteers and life experiences in a way that proves you will be an important asset to the company. Don’t be discouraged and demotivated if you lack experience. Showcase your skills and highlight your potential and apply for the job you want to.


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