6 common job interview mistakes

Being called to a job interview is not something easily achieved. Many of the candidates blow their opportunity of getting hired with their silly mistakes at interview. It is very easy to make mistakes without realizing it. What and how you showcase yourself in an interview demonstrates your personality and your interview is taken as the sample of your work.

You should be well aware of the mistakes before heading for an interview and to show the employer that you are a great hire. Here is the ultimate list of six common interview mistakes to avoid:

  • Being Unprepared:

You are not the only candidate to be called for an interview so in order to shine out from the pack, do research and start your preparation:  carefully analyze the job descriptions, determine your skills that match the requirements, know your answers to basic interview questions.  Be prepared so that you can talk about how your skills and experiences are a good fit for the business. Having enough knowledge shows your passion and strong desire to work in the applied company. You will also perform better in the interview and have confidence when you are prepared.

  • Being late for the interview:

Interview is something you need to be serious about in order to land your preferred job at once. Being late in the job interview suggests poor management skills, lack of interest and respect for the company, the position and the interviewers. Avoid being late, rather make it few minutes early and prove you are organized, eager and excited for the new position and the new company.

  • Complaining about past employers and company:

While you are complaining and criticizing your previous employers and company, you are also showing your bad attitude. Do not badmouth even if you have issues with your previous work, company and the employers. The current interviewers might start wondering what you would say to others about the company and the employers if you get hired. Complaining makes you look bad, not your employer. 

  • Negative body language:

Your body language will have a significant impact on how you are perceived. Show your interest and enthusiasm through your body language. If you don’t smile, don’t make an eye contact with the interviewer and have bad postures while sitting, you will be judged negatively. Pay attention to your body language: smile, make an eye contact, use hands while communicating. Show your interests through your body language.

  • Talking too much:

There is nothing worse than an interviewee who keeps on blabbering much. Keep your answers short and to the point. Simply answer the question, don’t put extra effort on making it extra-long. Never talk about your personal life unless asked. Your interviewer might be warm and welcoming but know that you are there for a professional meeting not the personal one. You only get limited time to answer the questions so stay focused on the professional terms.

  • Not paying attention:

Don’t get zone out during an interview. Make sure you are alert and well prepared for the interview. Missing a question will look bad on your part. Try to stay engaged by making an eye contact or leaning front if you feel you are zoning out and listen effectively. If your attention slips away, your employer might have bad impression about how you will stay active in your job and what your performance will look like.

Take the time to look after these common interview mistakes before you face an interview, so you don’t have to stress about the mistakes after it.  Some job interviews cannot be saved but you can prepare beforehand for next job opportunity by learning these possible mistakes. 

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