Hard work vs Smart Work

We all grew up listening and implementing the saying “Hard work leads to success”. The saying is true to some extent and these days hard work is debated with smart work. We hear lot of people talking about working smart rather than harder. People often say work “smart” in order to get success in small pace of time and this statement puts us in dilemma whether to follow the old saying or adapt the new one.    

Well, if we look into both scenarios and their individual benefits, we can sense that both hard work and smart work can be taken hand in hand for us to be successful. Smart work is the need of present time but just being smart isn’t all what it requires. Smart working means putting right strategy in the plate and hard work means putting that strategy into the action and finally transforming into the best result. Smart working teaches us to manage time and enables us to reach our goals faster. For this, we need to put hard work smartly in order to reach the goal more effectively. People these days believe that hard work is just a waste of time and call hard work a menial job. But the fact is hard work pays off if mixed well with smartness. Eventually, people will notice hard work in the long run.

Hard work is the root of smart work. Hard work teaches us to expand the horizon of knowledge and gives us broader view regarding ways to do the task more precisely in less time which is the “smart work”. Every employer starts his first project by putting lots of hard work. No matter how hardly he puts all his dedication and efforts, there always lies a room for improvement. He starts developing shortcuts and strategies in doing the same job; his hard work gradually turns into a smart work. Persistent effort when combined with intelligence and smartness helps us to get closer to the success we desire in our life.

In a nutshell, we must remember that there is no any shortcut to reach the pinnacle of success. With growing competitions in every field, working hard and smart both is the need of present time. Those who follow this will get recognized sooner or later and those who don’t will be left behind the mass. Plan carefully, map out the path of doing the job smartly, and work hard to reach your goal.




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