How to be happy at work?

Each of us spends maximum time of our life at work. So, it is obvious that work plays an important role in shaping the degree of happiness in our daily life.  Based on the worldwide research, there are more unhappy employees than the happy ones. The reasons for unhappiness can be due to boredom, monotonous activity, overwork, poor relationship with the co-workers, lack of motivation and the list can go on. Unhappiness at work leads to lack of determination, decreases productivity and also increases the stress level. In contrast to this, happy people at work are more committed to their work and company, are more creative and productive and they have good bonding with the team and are likely to rise in their career aspects.

Happiness matters a lot in the workplace. You just have to focus on some areas to be a happy worker.  Here is the list which will help you to stay happy at your workplace:

  • Have a sense of meaning:

Try to derive the meaning of your work. You are the one who is benefitted from your work in both professional and personal level. Understand why you are working, who you are working for, what are your goals and develop the feeling that your work is important.  The purpose of your work will help you make your job meaningful. Having sense of meaning can contribute to happiness in the workplace.

  • Acknowledge Progress:

Acknowledge yourself and your team for any kind of achievement and progress you make throughout your schedule. Acknowledgement of work develops confidence and keeps you going. You can also manage a record book to list your completed tasks which will help you feel happy and satisfied about the accomplished tasks. This will definitely boost the level of happiness in you.

  • Make friends at workplace:

Connection is important at workplace so build your circle. Liking and enjoying with co-workers will let you have a happy work period. Take time to know your co-workers better and communicating with them is useful for support, sharing skills and resources.  Friends at work increase the level of happiness more than any other factor.

  • Maintain a good work-life balance:

Prioritize your work and your lifestyle properly so as to maintain work-life.  If you find you are spending more time at work, you need to make some adjustments. Spend time with your family and friends, recharge yourself by going in a vacation, also you can meditate and exercise for a good and healthy mind. This will keep you energized and happy at your workplace.

  • Learn new skills:

Doing same thing for long hours can be boring and tiresome. Try to learn new skills for a change which will challenge you to work more. Learning new skills will keep you satisfied and inspire you to achieve more. It improves your level of satisfaction and happiness which ultimately have a positive effect in you work-life.

  • Stay positive and be hopeful:

Negative feelings, negative circle, negative conversations will never make you happy. Stay away from such negativity at workplace as much as possible. It all starts with how you handle the negativity of the workplace and it is very important to be positive in order to be happy. Always be hopeful and positive about your future by understanding your needs and the path you are moving on to meet the needs.  Being positive and hopeful will keep you motivated and happy at workplace.

  • Be organized:

Create your schedules on daily basis to handle your workload and also keep track of the work you are doing. Prioritize your work according to the deadlines, importance level and ease. By proper organization of the works to be done, you will feel a sense of satisfaction, confidence and more inclination towards the work.

It is on you to have control on the factors that will help you lead a better, healthier and a happy life. When these factors are considered and implemented, you can stay happy at work and ultimately increase your capacity and creativity of functioning at workplace.



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