Job Interview Etiquette

Job interview is all about selling yourself. Along with the required qualifications and skills, you need to have proper manners to grab the job. As an interviewer, you would be disappointed with the candidate who lacks good manners. So, as a job seeker, knowing good interview etiquette is very important for successful interviewing. By practicing job interview etiquette, you will have high chances of selling yourself and your skills to the new company.

Follow these rules and you are sure to shine during the interview:

  • Turn your cell phone off before entering the room:

You can’t get distracted in the middle of an interview after coming so near to your dream job. So, keep aside all the distraction factors. Don’t keep your cell phone in vibration mode, just turn it OFF. Even when your phone is on vibrating mode, it can be heard in a silent room. The interviewer will feel offended and you will look inconsiderate.

  • Greet the interviewer properly:

When you get in the interview room, greet the interviewers with a firm handshake and introduce yourself in short. Don’t overdo the introduction. Don’t wait for them to greet you first. Take the initiation as they might be testing you. After the proper greeting, let them   turn the direction of conversation.

  • Let the interviewer finish speaking before you do:

Letting others speak completely and then responding is a basic manner. The interviewer is the one who has power in his hand so let him speak till the end. You may want to interrupt the interviewer in between but doing that will make you look rude and tactless. Better, let him speak completely and utilize that time to formulate response in your mind.

  • Portray confidence through body language:

Your postures and gestures will help you convey professionalism and confidence. Walk with your head up to the interview and find the right balance while sitting in the interview room. Avoid leaning too far or too near. Sit straight and use your hands while communicating. This will make you look confident and enthusiastic.

  • Look in the eye and hold a smile:

While speaking, have an eye contact with the interviewers. It is an important aspect to connect with people. Don’t stare just have a normal eye contact. Facing an interview is a nerve-racking situation and most of us forget to smile under this situation which clearly shows our nervousness. To avoid this, and to project confidence, make an eye contact and hold a smile while communicating.

  • Ask questions:

As a job seeker, you might not want to ask any questions to interviewer thinking this to lower your chances of getting hired. But in reality, asking questions is a proof of you being interested in the job and the company you applied to. Don’t ask random irrelevant questions. This is an opportunity to get clarity on aspects related to job that wasn’t explained properly.

  • Thank the interviewer after the interview:

This is important and common courtesy. Thanking interviewers is a must in your job interview etiquette list. Do not forget to thank the interviewers for taking out their time to talk to you. Do it with a firm handshake, a genuine smile and a polite tone of voice.  If you wish, you can send “thank you note” later also. 

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