Job Interview Tips

Interview for many of us can be nerve-racking experience. It judges our abilities and performance for a job. Breaking this nervousness is important to secure the job we apply. Relax and don’t panic!!! We help you overcome the jitters with some helpful tips.

  • Make sure you do some research on your side about the job you are applying to.  You should have brief knowledge about the company and the roles.
  • Demonstrate your capabilities and show them how your capabilities can serve for the betterment of the company.
  • Keep your career objectives clear.
  • Your resume is important for a successful interview. So, never fudge details on your resume.
  • Prepare well by making probable interview questions and practice your answer. This will build up your confidence.

What to do on your interview day??

Managing the adrenaline rush that kicks you in before an interview is very important for influential interview. Here are the tips to help you answer job interview questions with confidence on that day.

Communication skills

The hiring manager always watches your communication skills and manners to predict how well you can work with others. So be expressive, well behaved and a good conversationalist.

Support your strength and acknowledge your weakness

Present your strengths to stand out from the crowd of applicants but don’t overdo it. Be able to describe your weakness as it helps the hiring team to know that you are self-aware about yourself and think of converting weakness into your strengths.

Take time to answer

Be thoughtful and take some time before answering the questions. It is better to think before answering rather than being not able to justify the answers we give without thinking.

The tone of your voice

Tone of your voice can often speak more than words. Your tone of speaking will determine your interest and willingness to carry the job roles. There should be clarity and confidence in your tone. Hiring teams highly rely on these factors for judging you.

Be professional

Thoroughly prepare beforehand about your career aspirations and skills. Do not talk more about personal life and do not go out of context just in the rush to complete your answers. Your professionalism will open the door to career opportunities. Also, maintain your professionalism by being well groomed and appropriately dressed.

Be honest

Never embellish your past experiences without any proof and never fake about skills you do not possess.  If you feel you are lacking some skills required for the job, express your desire to learn the skills in future instead of claiming skills you do not have.

Be conscientious

It is always better to ask if you are not sure of anything in the interview session. You may not want to feel dumb by asking but on the bright side, it also shows that you are interested and you are taking the interview seriously.

Stay relaxed

Interview always brings nervousness but it is important to look relaxed as it projects that you are under control. Stay calm, focused and deliver your best performance.

Seek feedback

At the end, it is optional to ask for feedbacks yet it is preferred.  Ask the hiring team if you have provided all the details required to answer the questions.  Listen more than talk while they give you the feedbacks.






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