Ways To Make A Great First Impression At An Interview

 “You will never get a second chance to make a first impression”- Will Rogers.

The quote itself tells us how important the first impression is. Let that be while meeting people, interviews, leading any kind of meeting for the first time or any professional settings, our impression matters.

 You need to be on your game from the very first meet to interest and develop effective communication with the people you are meeting. Here are some tips on how to make an impactful first impression:

  1. Effective body language: Be mindful of your body language and every posture. When you are meeting someone for the first time, keep your postures and gestures open. It is smart to refrain yourself from unusual gestures of hand and face. Keep your facial expressions natural and keep an eye contact with the speaker which shows your confidence.
  2. Pitch and tone of your voice count:  Balance the pitch and tone of your voice. A high pitch and low pitch both make you seem nervous and drop your impression. Avoid using much of filler words as “um”, “ah”, “like” as it might show your hesitation. Try to practice speaking in front of the mirror which will boost your confidence.
  3. Smiley face: Who would want to meet grumpy people? Start your conversation with the smile in your face. This shows your positivity. This doesn’t mean you grin awkwardly every time in order to hide your nervousness. Smile naturally and softly to make others comfortable with you.
  4. Good dressing: What you wear in your first meet matters. It is always important to match the occasion i.e. the person or the formality of the meeting you are going to deal with. So, dress according to the place, situation, formality, and people you are meeting.
  5. Think before you speak: Don’t speak hurriedly without thinking. Take a moment to think about what to speak next. Choose the words rightly. Positivity and correctness in your speaking will open up doors and people will like your presence.
  6. Know your audience: It is always a plus point to know something about people or business you are going to deal with. Thanks to google, you don’t need to worry much about gathering information. Gather relevant information beforehand which will make you confident while answering.
  7. Be yourself: When you are meeting someone for the first time, don’t try to copy anyone and portray it as you. Be authentic and accept your weaknesses if you have any because that shows you are self-aware of yourself. Honesty is something that is always acknowledged.
  8. Put your gadgets away: Make sure your attention is sole to the people you are meeting for the first time. Keep your cell phones in silent and vibration mode to avoid any sort of disturbances. Put away every such thing unless you are using it for some kind of demo or presentations.
  9. Establish a connection: Pay close attention to the people you are meeting and to what they are saying. Ask related questions to them which will make them feel that you are actually interested in the meeting. Don’t blabber much about irrelevant topics. A little is ok outside the professional conversation but don’t be creepy.
  10. Follow up: After the first meeting, you can follow up by sending any information, notes or simply a thank you note for the time they gave. These small gestures will make them feel your effort and you are keeping them on priority which in turn can create a second chance for you.

You only have one chance to make a great first impression. Don’t ruin it with negativities. Follow the above tips to make a strong first impression. You never know when following all these tips will land a good opportunity in your way.

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