Workplace Stress and The Solutions You Need

Workplace stress in simple words can be defined as the pressure a worker face in his job when there is misbalance between worker’s capabilities and workplace demands. When there is excessive workload, responsibilities and tasks, people try to deal it with every kind of pressures in every possible way and that creates difficulty and worry in them. In present scenario of employment, workplace stress is increasing day by day. Little stress is good as it motivates and pushes ahead to deal the challenges but excessive stress is harmful as it destroys our overall health, performance and also has long lasting complications.

A good job has a positive reinforcement which encourages workers to move ahead and perform well. Some jobs put unwanted pressure on workers leading stress.  There can be several causes depending on the people behind workplace stress. Some of the causes of workplace stress are:

  • Poor ability to adapt the working environment such as working schedules, crowds, poor work station, noise etc.
  • Excessive workloads and long working hours.
  • No proper support and guidance at workplace.
  • Monotonous work with no refreshment.
  • Discrimination among employees at workplace
  • Pressure on meeting deadlines

If a person is constantly exposed to stress, it can result to adverse consequences. It has now become important to eliminate workplace stress for personal and organizational development.  There are several strategies which can such reduce stress and its probable consequences:

  • Identify the reasons causing stress and take action to manage it.
  • Reach out to co-workers and seniors for any sort of help.
  • Adapt healthy lifestyle by eating balanced diet food, adequate sleep and proper exercise.
  • Create a proper planning for your work.
  • Prioritize the tasks as per their priority and tackle the high-priority task first.
  • Learn to compromise with the working environment.
  • If needed, take your time off by going in vacation, enjoying with family and friends, listening music.
  • Eliminate negative thoughts and focus on positive aspects of the work and workplace.

Workplace stress management is a matter of talk as the well-being of an organization depends on its workers health. Implementing stress- reducing approach is important to sustain an organization and manage overall workers and organizational functioning more effectively in a stress free environment.   

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